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Hi, I am Neffi, the founder of PEBOTYPE ©. I have always had an affinity for cute collectibles. As a child, I collected Sanrio, Lisa Frank, and other novelty lines. However, I remember it was sporadic I would find a relatable character. At thirteen I recall making my first cosmetic purchase. I begged my mom to allow me to buy a light pink lip gloss from Origins after a babysitting job. That next week I hopped on the bus to buy clear MAC Lip Glass at the mall with my friends.

While some of my favorite products are in specialty and department stores, the availability of those items was always an issue. Products for multidimensional skin tones often sell out quickly resulting in purposeless, purchase-less trips to the mall.

2014, I set out to remedy that issue. I started my cosmetic journey as BeatBox Cosmetics. I began hand blending eyeshadow and lip gloss formulas. The hurdle of financing a cosmetic line cause a temporary deferment in my dreams.  That did give me the idea to launch a mobile boutique and e-commerce website Couture Curator. I had to figure out a way to finance it all!

Well, 2016 no official “launch” but lots of word of mouth buzz!

Pebotype is a luxury cosmetic and sundry line which features novelty cosmetic collectibles. The beauty tools are curated and targeted towards people with multidimensional skin tones.  Our line is PETA certified cruelty free & our highly pigmented formulas are non-comedogenic.

PEBOTYPE products are available for purchase through Amazon Prime  &

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